De-Shed Treatment

Promote fresh, new hair in your pet’s coat by removing the old, brittle hair with our de-shed treatment.  Our approach is two-fold and begins in the warm bath, where a special shampoo created with organic aloe vera and coconut removes dirt and oils and releases loose hair. After rinsing, the shampoo’s work is continued with a conditioning treatment, thoroughly massaged into your pet’s coat and allowed to soak for several minutes, giving it plenty of time to settle into any remaining loose or dead hair and break it away from the rest of the coat. Another massage and a rinse with warm water removes all that unwanted old fur. The second part of our de-shed treatment involves a meticulous brushing with a FURminator de-shedding tool. This specialized comb catches and gently removes shed hair. A spritz of cologne finishes the hair removal treatment, leaving your pet feeling lighter, cooler, and refreshed.
-     $15.00 for small dogs             -     $20.00 for large dogs


Fleas and ticks are an inevitable reality of loving a furry companion. We offer a solution to pests on your pet with our Flea-Be-Gone package, which includes a one-time dose of Sentry CapGuard to kill any fleas or ticks on your pet for a full day. This package features a powerful, specialized shampoo that our stylists work into a full lather and cover your pet’s fur in, ensuring pests have nowhere to escape to. After several minutes of soaking to ensure the complete elimination of any irritating insects, the soap is washed away with warm water and a fine-toothed flea comb is taken through the hair to remove any remaining debris. A nourishing keratin-rich apricot conditioner is then applied to the coat to restore both the hair and skin. A final touch of Warren London body butter to keep the coat hydrated and soft leaves your pet fresh, clean, and pest-free.
-     $10.00 for small dogs             -     $20.00 for large dogs

Hydration Therapy

Energize and inspire your pet! Re-hydrate chapped and dry skin and hair with an application of natural hot oil crafted from stimulating eucalyptus followed by a warm oatmeal and aloe bath. A paw massage with a conditioning balm paired with revitalizing grape seed oil will have even the roughest paws softened and ready for play, and a full-body massage with Warren London coat butter will hydrate skin and hair and relax muscles. A last spritz of cologne and your dog will be feeling fresh, invigorated, and ready for sunshine!

    $15.00 for small dogs             -     $20.00 for large dogs

Lavender Spaw Day

Featuring a warm bath with an all-natural lavender and chamomile-infused soap this luxurious spa program is designed to calm nerves, soothe sore muscles, and promote health. During their treatment, your pet is given a paw massage with lavender balm to soften roughened or cracked skin. A thorough full-body massage with Warren London coat butter to soften and hydrate skin and hair and a spritz of lavender cologne complete your pet’s star-quality treatment.
-     $10.00 for small dogs             -     $20.00 for large dogs


Even the most cherished and cared-for pets develop matted hair and wild knots. The easy solution is to shave or cut the tangles out, but it takes weeks, sometimes months, to grow that beautiful coat back to fullness. We offer an alternative to save your dog’s lovely hair. The careful de-matting process begins with a warm oatmeal and aloe bath to soften and loosen snarled hair, followed by a long soak in an apricot and keratin-rich conditioner to heal damaged hair and protect it from further breakage during the thorough brushing in the next step. With the aid of small, bladed combs, soft slicker brushes, and the application of Burt’s Bees natural detangling spray, our pet stylist will work through every inch of your pet’s coat until their fur is soft, shiny, and mat-free.
-     $20.00 per 30 minutes of brushing

Dead Sea Mineral Experience

Mud baths are a spa day staple, and we invite you to share that experience – and the benefits – with your beloved pet. This luxurious treatment begins in our warm mineral mud bath, crafted with aloe and Dead Sea Mud and massaged into your pet’s coat to exfoliate and hydrate both skin and hair. The mud is then left to soak, allowing the natural minerals to absorb into your pet’s skin to detoxify their body, soothe muscle and joint aches, and improve their circulation. After, our pet stylists will again massage your pet, this time with our Warren London coat butter to further soften hair and relax their muscles. A spritz of coat polish will really set your pet shining and complete their classic spa experience.
-     $10.00 for small dogs             -     $20.00 for large dogs

Brighter than White

Uniquely designed for the special needs of white haired pets, our Brighter than White package features the esteemed South Bark’s Blueberry Facial, an all-natural brightener crafted from coconut oil, aloe, and blueberries. Applied with a warm cloth and massaged over the face, the Blueberry Facial’s pH balanced formula lightens tear stains and cleanses oils left over from meals while relaxing your animal companion with natural aroma therapeutic properties. As they enjoy their facial, your pet will be treated to a warm bath in an all-natural white brightening shampoo to restore their natural brilliance without the use of harsh bleaching agents. A thorough body massage with our Warren London coat butter, and a soft mist of lavender cologne will leave your white companions shining.
-     $10.00 for small dogs             -     $20.00 for large dogs

Puppy's First Spaw Day

Teach your puppy to look forward to grooming days by making the experience exceptional! All puppy grooms feature a warm bath with special hypo-allergenic shampoo and a sweet minimal groom to protect that fluffy puppy hair but keep your baby looking clean and cared-for. Add a Warren London conditioning lotion to make their fur softer than soft and a tender paw massage with grape seed oil to help your little angel relax and learn to love having those little feet played with.
-     Puppy grooms begin at $30.00     -     $5.00 for addition of lotion and

                                                              paw massage

Our modern pet grooming salon provides a premium, spa-like experience for your cat or dog. Maintaining your pet’s overall health and wellness with regular and proper grooming is made convenient with attentive, high-quality services. Our salon offers luxury packages, express services, and an opulent à la carte menu to help tailor the experience for your pet and your lifestyle. Schedule an appointment and let our pet stylists take it from there.

The Spaw @ Izzy's

Opulent à La Carte Menu

Luxury Spaw Packages

Express Services

Full Dye and Creative Grooming– prices vary by design

Partial Dyeincludes mohawks, tails, ears, paws, etc.        

                                                                        -     $10.00 - $25.00

FURminator Treatmentto brush out old hair and reduce shedding
                          -     $10.00 for small dogs        -     $15.00 for large dogs

Flea Soap– substitute regular bath soap for a powerful flea and tick shampoo
-     $5.00 for small dogs          -     $10.00 for large dogs

CapGuard Dose– kills any fleas and ticks on your dog for 24 hours
-     $5.00 for small dogs          -     $10.00 for large dogs

Blueberry Facial– to brighten white dog faces
                          -     $5.00 for small dogs          -     $10.00 for large dogs

Nail Painting– choose from a variety of colors
                          -     $5.00 for small dogs          -     $10.00 for large dogs

Teeth Brushing– followed up with Kissable Dental Foam for the freshest

                         breath                                      -     $5.00

Hot Oil Treatment– to re-hydrate dry skin and soften the coat 

                           -     $15.00 for small dogs        -     $20.00 for large dogs

Full grooming services begin at $40.00. Bathing services begin at $30.00 and include grooming of the feet, face, and sanitary areas.

Our express services menu items are designed to be applied between regular grooms or baths, without requiring you to leave your pet under our care for more than a few minutes.

 Pawdicure Includes a nail trim, a massage with our Warren London paw revitalizing spray, and your choice of nail polish color             -     $15.00

Anal GlandsIncludes a nail trim                                                       -     $25.00

Toe Nail Trims- Clippers or Dremel                                                 

                          -     $7.00 for small dogs          -     $10.00 for large dogs

                          -     $5.00 each for 3 or more dogs

Light Trims and Clean Ups      -    

Eyes - $10.00               Paw pads - $5.00               Sanitary - $10.00        

Ear cleaning and hair removal - $10.00          Face - $15.00

Face, paws, and sanitary - $25.00     

Soft Claws Nail Caps- For cats and dogs       

                                    -     $20.00 for a half set (front paws)

                                              -     $30.00 for a full set (front and back)

Every grooming or bathing experience features a warm bath, the expressing of anal glands, trimmed nails, and ears cleaned with a eucalyptus and tea tree extract ear cleaner.

Please note all package prices are in addition to the price of a bath or groom. Some prices may increase due to a dog's exceptional size or coat condition.