There’s no reason to subject your dog – or yourself – to the water hose or bathtub anymore! Bring your dogs to Izzy’s and use our Self-Service bathing stalls.  We supply everything you’ll need to get your pet sparkling.

When you and your dog arrive, you will be given a basket full of supplies to pamper your pooch properly. Our two bathing tubs are stainless steel with hot and cold water and a detachable sprayer. For those extra-large dogs, the tubs are enclosed in stalls floored with slip-free tile, allowing you to bathe them without trying to get them into a bath. We supply clean towels, an apron, and a cold-air blow dryer to leave their coats fluffy and moisture-free.

Baskets include:

                            Espree dog soap – the same stuff we use in                                                                  our salon!

                            Espree natural ear cleaner

                            Cotton balls

                            Rubber Zoom Groom brush

                            Nail clippers

                            Self-cleaning dog brush

The best part is that we clean the mess! No matter how much hair, dirt, grime, or accidents that happen, we’ll take care of all of it. Bathing your dog has never been more hassle-free, or fun.


                             $15.00 for a bath per dog

                             $7.00 for us to trim nails per dog

There is no time limit and no appointment necessary, tubs are first-come first-serve.

Bathing your dog regularly has many benefits – besides keeping them smelling clean and fresh. Dog fur acts like a carpet, trapping dirt and grime underneath it. By cleaning out the fur often you can prevent infections and skin diseases. Getting rid of all that dirt and dander can even help with human allergies! It’s also an incredible bonding experience. Bring your special dog and even your family and just spend some time lavishing your pet with love. They’ll know just how important they are to you when you take time out of your busy schedule to focus on them.

Self-Service Dog Wash